Complex Season is a Community Based Clothing Brand based out of Washington,DC. Our mission with every release is to push boundaries in "Fashion" with creative pieces that take you back to a certain time while telling stories through Creative Marketing ideas/concepts.


While at the same time bettering our communities through scholarships, toy drives, public speaking, community funding, etc. Each time you shop with us you're supporting your community as a portion of funds from each release go back into our community. 

 Welcome to Complex Season!


                 SUMMER '13

           WAS THE YEAR.

On July 3rd, 2013 De'Vaughn Mills officially launched his Street Wear brand "Complex Fashion".  "Complex" deprived from how most people viewed his personal style because it was unique and he took risks that most wouldn't even think about because it wasn't the "norm". When you think of something Complex you think of something that hard to understand or very unique. 


The change from Complex Fashion to Complex Season was made due to De'Vaughn not wanting to place limitations on his brand. The vision and overall end all be all  is way bigger than just "Fashion" hence to why it was replaced.